Freddie Gibbs is well known for his comedic skills and has even referenced Michael Jackson in interviews and music, as both of the artists are from Gary, Indiana. In a new interview on the All Of The Smoke podcast, Freddie Gibbs shared that his father used to compete against Michael Jackson at talent shows.

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“Yeah, Michael Jackson used to beat my daddy’s ass in the talent shows,” Gibbs said. “My dad sing, my dad in The Chi-Lites, matter of fact. Him and Mike the same age, so they was always bumping heads in the talent shows and Mike would fuck that n***a up. I’m like, ‘Fuck you thought, n***a?’”

Gibbs added that his father, a singer in the Chi-Lites, used to go up on stage solo while Michael would bring the other members of the Jackson 5 and their father, Joe Jackson.


“And I’m like, you up there solo,” he added. “He got Tito, Jermaine… They in step, they got moves, they got Joe, you know what I’m sayin’? They had Joe pushin’ them n****s. You ain’t had nobody, you just had yo mama telling you ‘Yes my baby!’ Mike had a team, n***a! He couldn’t fuck with Mike.”

Gibbs continued: “I love you Dad, but you know you can’t fuck with Mike. Mike was fuckin’ you up, your whole life. We be watching Michael Jackson, my dad like, ‘Turn that motherfuckin’ shit off.’ He be listening to it on the low though. That n***a love Mike.”

Despite his father having a musical background, Gibbs said that his father did not affect him eventually becoming a rapper. Gibbs wanted to pursue football instead.

“I definitely didn’t plan on ending up being a fucking rapper,” he explained. “I definitely didn’t see that shit in the cards for me at that age.”