Meek Mill heard Kanye West’s statements on Clubhouse and has a response.

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During the Clubhouse chat, Ye took shots at Meek Mill while ranting about celebrities coming out against the musician and fashion designer.

“Oh, you know what, let’s go get celebrities,” Ye said. “Let’s go get Puff Daddy, let’s get Dave Chappelle, let’s go get Meek Mill… What made somebody think Meek Mill could say something to me?!”


Ye added: “Yo, man, I’m about to start crying laughing, somebody thought Meek Mill… Yo, I’m literally in tears.”

Meek would take the high road:

“Never lost my mind for fame or money,” Meek wrote. “I still have my family …my people respect me … I’m freeing people from prison… I’m doing community service all month with children up close and personal .. I’m chilling wit my son and his friends today.. y’all on clubhouse at 50 lol”