The Beats by Dre‘s Beats by Black Creators program challenged HBCU students to create a film and soundtrack based on the Afrofuturism concept.

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With that being said, Maze is a coming-of-age psychological thriller directed by Spellman student Miya Scaggs! In fact, the thrilling new project came about as a collaborative concept as it was penned by two Howard students, Sabrina Anthony and Troy White. 

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It follows Zola, a second-generation Nigerian teenager who must overcome trauma. Her relationship with her mother is gradually becoming explosive due to a lack of understanding and the pressure of success, weighed down by the pains of her father’s death. Returning home from college, her brother, Sulu, gifted her a Quantum Cognition VR game to help her work through her psychological trauma. Maze will test Zola’s reasoning and force her to confront her current reality head on.

As a result, Maze will challenge Zola’s thinking and force her to confront her present reality head-on. As for the 12-track soundtrack masterpiece, rising pop artist Say Rex arrives astoundingly on the properly produced by the Howard students that wrote the film, S.E. Anthony, and Tragic Johnson. Outside of Beats, the project has already garnered attention from Revolt, Kollege Kidd, and many more! In doing so, the film features a beautiful blend of film and featured futuristic AfroFusion soundscapes.

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Keeping up the momentum, Say Rex returns with his most recent release! He drops off his debut EP, I AM SAY REX.

His latest offering comes as his influential introduction into the industry. Since stepping on the scene, he has worked with Sean Kingston on “Carry Your Name” featuring Lil Durk artist Affiliate, Memo600, “Meant To Be” featuring Lauryn Hill’s son and the grandson of the legendary Bob Marley, YG Marley. Additionally, “Meant To Be” serves as the lead single with an accompanying VEVO Music video.

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