Kanye West has turned his criticism from the Jewish Community to leaders of the civil rights movement. Appearing on Clubhouse, Ye blasted Rosa Parks and more.

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“All of these heroes, man– it’s only one. That’s Jesus Christ. You’re gonna find out something about MLK, something about JFK, something about Malcolm, Rosa Parks. We know Rosa Parks was a plant,” West said.

Ye would go on to state death would be used as a driving force of the American economy, in collaboration with the media to create a “trauma economy.”


He added, “What death are we gonna promote this week? It ain’t like 14 people are getting killed every week in Chicago. But no, we’re going to publicize this on our– I’m not gonna say whose platform it is. It was the Jews.”

Ye now also finds himself suspended from Clubhouse. In addition to his statements against members of the civil rights movement, he spoke more anti-semitic views but also attacked Asians.

In his rant, Ye said Chinese people “use Jewish people” to “control Black people.” He suggested that Jewish people are just “middlemen.”

“We took action to shut down a conversation yesterday because it violated our policies,” the statement reads. “We also suspended those who violated the policies. There’s absolutely no place for bullying, hate speech or abuse on our platform as explicitly stated in our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.”

Ye also took shots at Meek Mill during the conversation. Meek took the high road.