Rapper YNW Melly appears to be experiencing some serious struggles in jail as he awaits his murder trial, going so far as to say that he is being threatened by jail staff and that he fears for his life.

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On Monday, the artist took to Instagram, sharing two separate uploads of mugshots, describing allegations of what may be considered cruel and unusual punishment and a violation of his civil rights at Broward County Jail in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The first caption reads as follows:


“As of this moment today I am officially in fear of my life. A new Captain named Hubert and XO Jenkins have taken over the jail for two weeks now and have handed out even harsher punishments for me then the previous ones in place. Since December 1 I have been moved and housed on a unit that holds 24 inmates at once. I am the only inmate being housed on the vacant unit, with no phone privilege, no television and no access to a newspaper. They are watching my every move on camera making sure I don’t use the phone to tell the world how I am being mistreated, discriminated, threatened physically, harassed. When I come out of my cell for the 1 hour a day, all other inmates in the adjoining dorms must go back in there cell. I am being subjected to cruel and unusual treatment at the hands of deputies and high-ranking staff of the Broward Sheriffs Office. I have been threatened by Deputies, Lieutenants and Sergeants that say “they will hide me from the world” and threaten to “beat my ass everyday and if I tell my lawyers they will lie and say I hit them first.” Words from Sergeant Anthony Kidd and Lieutenant Jean Baptiste. I have literally been hidden from the World so I have no other choice but to believe the next step is them beating ½ to death like they do to other inmates almost daily here at the main jail in Broward County.”

Melly also tagged several local and national news channels at the end of the post.

In a second post, he shared another mugshot and wrote:

I cant call my family or lawyers to notify them if I have been beaten or harassed. They say my phone privileges are taken permanently because all of the infractions over the last seven months. THAT IS A LIE! They took my phone privileges indefinitely off of my 1″ violation for using another inmates pin to talk on the phone when I am not allowed to use the phone.
If I had been treated like every other inmate at this facility my phone pin would have been restored and phone privileges given back after 30 days per the handbook. I have however went without phone privileges since MAY 8, 2022 and have not been given back my phone pin since the first year I was here. I have served all my disciplinary time so why are my phone privileges still taken. Why am I the ONLY inmate on a unit by themselves BLOCKED from any human interaction? There are inmates here, that have been convicted, of orchestrating robberies over the jail phone and another who planned an escape from jail that was carried out over the jail phone, they are still allowed to use the phone after committing serious crimes and security threats to the facility. But my phone privileges are taken indefinitely for violating a harmless phone policy that carries a punishment of 30 days max!!! I am housed and surrounded in the care of power struck deputies and captains of high authority that even have told me to my face that “they don’t like me” and “I pissed them off”. I am not safe in the hands of these people especially if the highest in command in the jail “doesn’t like me”. I am in fear of my life. My family is in fear of my life. I can not do another day here. Someone please help me get moved to another county jail until my trial. PLEASE!”

The artist, whose real name is Jamell Demons, was arrested in 2019 in conjunction with a double homicide of two of his friends and has been charged with premeditated murder. His trial was set to begin in March of 2022, but has been delayed. There is no clear expected start date.

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