Megan Thee Stallion testified yesterday in the 2020 shooting incident involving herself and Tory Lanez. According to reports, Megan was on the stand for 45 minutes on Tuesday morning, and her post-lunch testimony got even more emotional. Megan even said that she wishes Tory Lanez had just killed her during the 2020 shooting incident so she wouldn’t have to be on the stand.

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“I wish he would’ve just killed me if I knew I’d have to go through this,” Megan said. The Grammy award-winning artist added that the aftermath has been more difficult. She says that speaking up against Tory has put a target on her back and she is called a liar on the internet for insisting that Lanez shot her. She also said that she is constantly being slut shamed since the incident and that people are always questioning her about who she has slept with.

That morning, Megan had testified that her former best friend Kelsey Harris and Tory Lanez had gotten into a fight in the car, which prompted the “WAP” artist to get out of the car. However, just a few seconds after she got out of the vehicle, she claims that Tory, who was originally seated in the back seat, made his way to the passenger seat, yelled “dance bitch,” and started shooting at her.


Megan added that following the incident, Tory told her not to say anything and that he would give her $1 million.

When questioned by the defense about her friend Kelsey, Megan said that she did not know where Kelsey was when everything was going down. However, she said that she did not see Kelsey with the gun.

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