Last month Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kelvin Hunter didan interview with The Westside Gazette about his life growing up and his life with Wendy. During the interview he share where he made mistakes by not forming his own production company.

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Yo, first of all Wendy was working for Kiss Radio. It dissolved into Hot 97 where Wendy and only a few others were retained. But in that agreement, she didn’t make more money, her pay remained the same. I began to tell her how great she really was and how valuable she was in the media market. Since they weren’t trying to pay her more, we set out to get her out of her contract. She had a 2 year non-compete contract. Listen, Hot 97 had all the lawyers in the area on retainer and no Entertainment lawyer would take our case and we decided to hire a criminal lawyer that I knew, to get out of a radio contract. It was fought out in Federal Court and if she didn’t get out of that deal you wouldn’t have heard of her. But he fought and won her freedom from them. Not long after that Wendy filled in at Fox Network Good Morning New York Show and the numbers were crazy. I knew then she could be special at this. This was when I began managing her full-time. After going thru a pilot for a TV show where she would’ve been paired with Comedian Monique and a couple of other set ups, we eventually landed with the Debmar-Mercury Company.

Honestly my biggest mistake was not forming our own Production Company and shopping our own show. You know Yo, I was intimidated by a world that I didn’t know I could dominate. That’s all to it.


Now Kelvin claims he’s working on a biopic about his life.

Kevin breaks the news in a comment on Instagram.

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