Straight Outta Compton is often regarded as one of the best hip-hop biopics of all time and should also be considered one of the greatest music biopics. Viewers could tell that heavy consideration was put into everything, including the casting. The film featured cameo’s of other famous rappers outside of NWA, such as 2Pac and even Snoop Dogg, played by Lakeith Stanfield. However, before Stanfield was considered for the Long Beach MC, producers wanted to cast Nipsey Hussle in the role.

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Snoop Dogg revealed this on a recent episode of the 85 South Show. Snoop also shared his conversation with Nip and why Nip decided to turn the offer down.

“They was doing Straight Outta Compton movie right? So Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, all them n-ggas calling me. Man, we trying to get Nip to play you in Straight Outta Compton! He ain’t getting back to us!’ [I’m like] ‘Aight, let me holla at the lil homie,” Snoop said.


He then called Nip, where he turned down the offer because he believed that if he took the role, people would only know him for portraying Snoop, and the Victory Lap artist wanted to forge his name.

“I hit him up,” Snoop continued. “[I said,] ‘Nip, lemme holla at you! Pull up on me!’ He come over to the spot. ‘Cuh, they want you to play me in the Straight Outta Compton movie!’ I’m happy as fuck to tell him. He like, ‘No disrespect big homie, but I can’t play you in the movie ’cause then people just gon’ know me for being you. I gotta be me. All that’s with all due respect.’ And I was like damn that was gangsta. I [called Dre and Cube back and] said, ‘Y’all gotta go find somebody else!'”

You can watch the clip below.