House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is supporting legislation calls to ban TikTok on government devices. Pelosi is backing funding that received unanimous support and is close to being in place next week.

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The bill will head to President Biden’s desk for a signature once it is adopted in a Senate version of the government funding bill.

According to The Hill, The Senate unanimously approved Sen. Josh Hawley’s “No TikTok on Government Devices Act” this past Wednesday, prohibiting the downloading or using of the video-sharing app TikTok on “any device issued by the United States or a government corporation” by certain figures in government.


GOP-led states are also pushing for a federal ban on the Chinese-owned social media app.

In response, TikTok’s Brooke Oberwetter states, “politicians with national security concerns should encourage the Administration to conclude its national security review of TikTok.”

“The agreement under review will meaningfully address any security concerns that have been raised at both the federal and state level. These plans have been developed under the oversight of our country’s top national security agencies—plans that we are well underway in implementing—to further secure our platform in the United States, and we will continue to brief lawmakers on them.”

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