As the saga of the Tory Lanez trial in connection to the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion continues, Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Mathew Barhoma says eyewitness Sean Kelly’s testimony hurt the prosecution’s case and contradicted Megan Thee Stallion’s testimony. 

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Barhoma zeroed in on the testimony of Sean Kelly, an eyewitness who implicated both Megan and Tory as possible shooters, said that the prosecution could be withholding evidence by not including Kelly in their case. He said, “The fact that the prosecution did not include Sean Kelly, a direct eye witness, in their case is suspect. It may leave the jury wondering why the defense has to introduce it and what the prosecution may be hiding. The prosecution is left with having to convince jurors that Sean Kelly is a liar. Otherwise, their case is on life support.” Barhoma added, “The eyewitness likely left the jury more confused with further contradictions. However, he affirms a portion of Tory’s narrative, which is that Megan and Harris indeed engaged in a violent altercation outside. That is inconsistent with Megan’s testimony. Moreover, Sean implicated both Harris and Tory as potential shooters.”

The L.A. appellate attorney also said that without conclusive DNA evidence pointing to Tory as the possessor of the weapon, the prosecution’s case is weakening. Barhoma stated, “The lack of conclusive DNA evidence on the gun implicating Tory is another blow to the prosecution’s case. If the allegations are that he took four to five shots using that gun, one would assume there would be definitive and clear DNA evidence implicating Tory as the shooter. Tory’s defense team should be able to make a lot of hay out of that during closing arguments. This evidence may help Tory affirm his narrative that Kelsey was possibly the shooter.”


He spoke about Megan Thee Stallion and the Houston native’s credibility on the stand and said that the prosecution should have led the trial with Megan’s testimony. “Megan was credible on the witness stand and the prosecution should have led the trial with her testimony. It would have likely laid a better foundation for the remainder of this trial.”

The Tory Lanez/Megan Thee Stallion trial is still ongoing, with Lanez facing over 20 years in prison if convicted.