According to Akon, nothing is wrong with Nick Cannon’s decision to have nearly a dozen kids with multiple women. The “Locked Up” artist spoke about Nick Cannon on a recent episode of The Zeze Millz Show and said that the Wild N’ Out host was living “how life is supposed to be.”

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“Do you agree with Nick Cannon and his spreading of his seed?” Millz asked.

“I agree with him 1,000 percent. That’s how life is supposed to be,” Akon said. “Why not? He’s rich. He’s responsible. He takes care of every one of those children. And the baby mothers are with it. And they hurt for nothing. And they live comfortably.” 


Mills replied to Akon, saying that children need more than just financial support from their father, to which Akon stated that Cannon is there for all of his kids.

“He’s there for every one of them,” he fired back. “He’s there for every single one of those kids. I got nine [kids] and I’m there for every one of mine.”

“So every single time, you’re at every single recital?” Millz responded.

“No, that’s a white man’s thing. Who gives a fuck about a recital?” he said. “No, seriously. Listen, my job is to raise my kids, to be responsible, to be understanding, to protect their mother, to give a hand with their father, and to assist with family planning, and to be responsible adults … Now guess what? While I’m taking care of my responsibility to make sure the family has a roof over their head and food, if I have the time to do that and show love, yes, I will do that. But my responsibility is to make sure they grow up responsible and strong.”

Akon added that it’s the man’s job to help raise the kids but he can’t always be there physically with them. “You can’t expect a man to conquer the world if he’s there with his children,” he said. 

Millz then asked Akon if Cannon could have just had a few kids instead of twelve, and the singer wasn’t a fan of that proposal.

“Why would you wanna take children all around the world with a man?” he asked. “That’s so womanistic. What man do you know is gonna run around with his children? You know how weak that looks? Who does that?”

You can check out the full clip below.