Oasis held its REBUILD Chicago event at the Harold Washington Theater on Monday night. The event included panel talks, fireside chats, and a town hall meeting with Chicago locals to discuss ways to give back to the city. G. Herbo made an unexpected appearance on a panel to explore the value of community ownership.

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The one-day seminar looked at concrete solutions to enhance, advance, and rebuild Chicago. Rashid Bilal and Troy Millings of Earn Your Leisure, Michael Amir and Faheem Muhammad of Oasis, Global Leader 19 Keys, Professional Boxer Mike Rashid, and Cory Jacobs, Senior Advisor to Sean “Diddy” Combs, were also in attendance.

“Last night was EPIC! For a thousand people to come out, in the cold, on a Monday, to learn more about OASIS is AMAZING! But REBUILD isn’t about a day, it’s a movement, it’s about action,” said Amir. “So although yesterday was a success, the real work comes tomorrow.”


G. Herbo discussed the significance of communication in order to achieve change, and he believes he has been effective in getting his message over to Chicago’s teens and young adults because he speaks to them from a place of experience rather than authority.

“These kids see me and understand I was once them,” he said. “I talk to them in a way where I’m not telling them what to do. I’m telling them I understand them and they respect it.”

19 Keys started the event with an intense speaker-to-audience conversation that drew in the crowd immediately. Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. and Julian Mitchell are also on the panel. Jermaine McArthur, an investor in Oasis, was also present. DJ Preme provided the music, and Los Angeles radio personality DJ Hed presented the broadcast.

“Rebuild Chicago was not an event! It was the launching of a program that aims to uplift people all over America,” said Muhammad. “Oasis is changing the narrative through Real Estate. Build with us!”

You can learn more about Oasis by visiting here.