The YSL RICO case is still underway with the trial set to begin next year. However, that is not going to stop Boosie from making a movie about it.

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Boosie made the announcement while premiering his latest self-produced film Where’s MJ, at Clark Atlanta University last week. “I’ll document it. I’ll shoot the film,” he said. “Free all them boys. I don’t want nobody in there.”

During the premiere, Boosie also advocated for YFN Lucci’s release who is also in jail for RICO charges. Lucci also claimed that Young Thug tried to put a hit on him while he was locked up. He says that a YSL co-defendant, Antonio Sumlin, sought permission from Thugger to attempt a second hit on him in March.


The YSL trial is set to begin on January 5th of next year. Since the indictments began, 6 members of YSL have taken plea deals for their involvement in the record label and alleged gang including Gunna, Young Thug’s brother, Slimelife Shawty, Lil Duke, and YSL co-founder Walter Murphy. This has brought the number of defendants down from 28 to 22.

Following Gunna’s release from prison after accepting his plea deal, a video of Gunna admitting to a judge a series of questions involving YSL hit social media. Many were quick to call Gunna a snitch, and one person even found his car and threw cheese in front of it. It was later revealed that Gunna accepted an Alford plea, a plea in which a defendant does not admit guilt but admits that the evidence presented by the prosecution would persuade the judge or jury that they are guilty of the crimes they are being charged for.

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