Sea$le, WA (SOURCE)— Charity Brands Entertainment (CBE) and Segi.TV closed a strategic partnership that will stream licensed as well as co-produced content and events to more than 2.2 Million subscribers world-wide. The joint venture strategy includes hand selecting content providers that are qualified through a criteria to submit and stream through the CBE and Segi.TV network.

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AOer developing corporate relationships that pay CBE upwards of $150 on a per wallet acquisition basis, Segi.TV, and CBE formed a streaming “think tank” of sorts to develop a go to market strategy to vertically integrate an offering to current CBE subscribers, which includes SWIFIN. SWIFIN’s subscriber base reaching over 192 countries developed its pla]orm for the “unbanked”. SWIFIN partnered with CBE to entertain its subscribers. Revenue drivers for the JV are programmatic ads for free content, paid subscriptions, and being paid $150 per on acquisitions.

The goal for CBE-Segi.TV is 100 views on average per subscriber per month to generate over 1 billion impressions within the first year. CBE and Segi.TV are implementing a streaming strategy and valuation framework that was created by CBE telecommunications partner M12 Telecom. M12’s founders hired RHK a third party research company that was acquired by Ovum. Ovum is one of the top telecommunications research companies in Silicon Valley and Europe.


CBE account holders get community updates, purchase premium content on demand from LIVE entertainment, world-class fashion to sporting events. The existing two million two hundred thousand (2.2MM) account holders are invited to simply opt-in through the wall during their monthly updates (on the 28th of each month) and familiarize themselves with Sycamore Entertainment Group Inc., the publicly traded parent company of Segi.TV. Account holders can also participate in future investments through their various digital wallets.

One of the first events to be presented directly to the account holders will be a reality show built around former And1 Streetball star “Main Event” Waliyy Dixon, co-produced by the Blacktop Streetball Association. Streetball is an extremely popular sport with mass appeal with more than 25 million active members on social media. The association kicked off a nationwide Streetball tour with a preliminary event in Newark, New Jersey, that was attended by thousands of Streetball fans. For 2023, a 20-city tour has been organized to capture viewership interest. All content produced by Blacktop Street Ball will be streamed exclusively on

“The goal of the partnership is to incorporate investor rela2ons with M12 digital wallet holder and increase the viewership of this event along with the accompanying series.” Says Michael Connelly, Vice President of Charity Brands Entertainment.

Charity Brands is developing Blacktop Digital with Blacktop Streetball and its legendary players to create awareness for causes, market and license products from merchandise and apparel that give back to local communities through retail and internet sales.


Is a cause-related marketing and social responsibility consultant that provides strategy to its sponsors in an effort to increase awareness and donors from live experiences streamed in 192 countries worldwide. Working with corporations and non-profits to create partnerships that inspire consumers and make a lasting impact on society. Charity Brands Entertainment has a depth chart of community partners like SWIFIN which include 16,000 entrepreneurs, and 120 church organizations.

Charity Brands Entertainment has film, music and news distribution to 70 providers in more than 244 markets worldwide with over 170 million media impressions each month. The main goal of the joint venture is to utilize its original content, a licensed library content of 17,500 films, documentaries, and premium events to increase viewership and revenue from programmatic ads, CBE digital wallet acquisition partnerships from the combined 1 billion impressions year one.