Born in 1998, Sharukh Pithawalla stands out as a super creative, fastest-growing content creator. He is known for his dynamic and vastly diverse content, from street interviews to thrilling game-based content. Sharukh has only been creating social media content for two years and has amassed a massive fan base with strong engagements across different platforms.

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Sharukh has always had a personality and character on and off camera. He has an innately social personality and never shied away from the limelight. Since high school, Sharukh would talk to everybody at a party and had a bubbly nature in college, which boosted his personality, character, and confidence.

“I never thought about doing social media in high school or college at all, but my friends wanted me to do it just because I stood out and was super outgoing. In high school, I was voted by class as the Most Likely to Star in a Movie,” Sharukh explains. That was the green light he needed to try his hand at starting a career in the entertainment industry.


Sharukh began his career as a producer and DJ. He is a gifted beatmaker, has worked with numerous EDM artists, and produced and sold numerous hip-hop beats to rappers across the country. Sharukh still has a lot of tracks on his computer, some of which he envisions dropping soon. He has also proved himself a crowd mover and a highly sought-after DJ who has played various significant events and parties.

The COVID pandemic in 2020 was a big setback for Sharukh as it forced him to postpone his gigs, including a big acting gig in Dubai. But a born optimism, Sharukh quickly went back to the drawing board, and that’s when he started his career as a social media content creator.

Sharukh joined the social media scene because it offered him something fresh and varied while being a rapidly growing and expanding space. Furthermore, Sharukh picked this line of work because he felt it fit him well. He realized it was a chance to reach his full professional potential and thus identified TikTok as his platform of choice and started making short videos.

Sharukh set off flying, with his first video amassing thousands of views and his account scaling to 100K followers in a day. Ever since, his TikToks have received over 113 million likes. “You vs. The Guy She Tells You Not To Worry About Part 3” is one of his most popular TikToks, with over 8 million likes. Sharukh’s TikTok account continues to grow, with him gaining over five million followers so far.

Sharukh started his YouTube career last year and is already building a solid fan base. His YouTube channel has over a million subscribers and already over 800,000,000 channel views. Sharukh has also received the YouTube Silver and Gold Play Buttons and other awards from different social media platforms.

With this, Sharukh believes his star is going to shine even brighter, with much more in the creative pipeline. “I am really passionate about what I do, and I also want to inspire others as well,” he concludes.

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