Roddy Ricch is the latest celebrity to push back after paparazzi have crossed personal boundaries. Video, allegedly taken on December 29, recently surfaced showing an unnamed paparazzi member getting a little too close for comfort to The Box artist.

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The video The Hollywood Fix shared was taken in West Hollywood and showed Roddy and two men (likely his security detail and a store employee) trying to load what appears to be a car seat into the artist’s black car. The person (an unknown male) recording the film at first just zooms in on the three men before approaching them and talking about how he saw the artist in concert.

The security guard blocks the camera and tells the person recording, “he’s doing something private now, he’s doing something for his family.”


The person appears to back off before continuing to try to talk to the artist, to which the security guard repeatedly tells him to back off. The person continues to record and Roddy approaches him and tells him to “turn that off” and says he wants to talk to him “like a man.” The man continues to object, and Roddy continues to ask him to turn the camera off, saying, “you walked up on me…this is real life, bro.”

The man backs off and talks to someone off camera, confirming that it is indeed Roddy Ricch, but saying, “he [Roddy] is in a bad mood though.”

Roddy and his security guard drive off without incident.

Earlier this year, rapper Kodak Black had a similar incident in which he told a person filming him in his private life to back off and stop recording, citing the murder of PNB Rock days before. (The artist’s murderer found his location based on a social media video.)

It is unclear who the car seat was for. Roddy has one child, a son, with baby mama Allie Minati.