Westside Gunn says he is calling it quits on rap. In a tweet ahead of the New Year, Gunn stated he has nothing left to prove.

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“23’ def my last year doing this shit, I don’t have nothing else 2prove, I put my team on, I put my city on, I worked w/everybody I ever wanted to work with, plus MFs still don’t even understand 1-10, FLYGOD, Awesome GOD, or Pray for Paris(mind u Virgil did the cover) I’m the [goat emoji, shrug emoji]”

Not sure if Gunn has done it all? Don’t worry, he hit you with a list that featured deals with Eminem and JAY-Z, working alongside late legends like DMX and Prodigy, receiving elite production, and more.


Those achievements didn’t come without struggle, as Gunn noted he fought through hurdles “behind closed doors.”

Last year, Westside Gunn released the final edition of #HWH, and to officially memorialize it, he has aptly named it 10. This title not only signifies completion but also celebrates what has already been set in motion.

“It’s only right that we end here. All special things get a memorial release,” Westside Gunn reflects. “The last double album was going to be the final one, but it felt weird leaving off at nine and not 10. I had to celebrate this series which has meant so much to fans. Everything I do sounds nothing like the last thing I did. That’s the creative in me, and I’m always going to push the culture forward. I’m ending this on a really special note with 10.”

You can read Westside Gunn’s full pre-New Year comments here.