The YSL RICO trial begins next week, and it’s doubtful that Young Thug will receive a plea deal before then. In a recent interview, Young Thug’s father says that if his son were given a plea deal, he’d advise him not to take it.

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Thug’s father, Jeffery Williams Sr, said in a recent interview with Infamous Sylvia that he still believes his son is innocent and that he should not take a plea deal if offered one.

“I can’t answer that because I’m not him,” he said of a possible plea deal. “I’m his father. My son is not guilty of a lot of things that these people [prosecutors] probably saying about him. As a father, if they came to him with a plea deal and he left it up to me to give him the advice, I would tell him, ‘No.'”


Jeffery Williams Sr. added that he would be in the courtroom when the trial starts next week. “I’m a parent. I’m a father. I’m not that daddy who just there. Right now, it’s me and him against the world.”

Last week, two more YSL affiliates took plea deals in connection with the RICO case. Trontavious Stephens, a.k.a. “Tick,” and another member known as “Slug” took a plea deal.

Prosecutors also named YFN Lucci as a possible witness during the trial due to Yount Thug reportedly putting out a hit on Lucci while he was behind bars on murder charges. However, Lucci’s lawyer, Drew Findling, announced that his client would not be testifying. “Any party can announce, for example, that Abraham Lincoln is on their witness list, but those words alone are meaningless,” Findling said. “So, to be 100 percent clear, Rayshawn Bennett (YFN Lucci) will not be a witness in the YSL case.”