Taraji P. Henson has been opening up about her journey with mental health. The legendary actress spoke with Angie Martinez about putting in the work needed to reach her level of desired happiness.

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Henson recently appeared on Angie Martinez’s “In Real Life” podcast where she discussed her current state of happiness. When asked by Martinez “how happy are you, ” Taraji P. Henson replied:

“I don’t know to be quite honest.”As she held back tears, I thought I was happy but the things that I thought – Imma get emotional [and] I don’t want to.“The things that I thought was making me happy, they don’t cut it anymore and so I’m in a place where ‘what does that look like? and I’m kind of spinning and to be quite honest with you Angie, I haven’t been happy like purely happy in a long time.“I haven’t.” Henson then added that she’s aware her current mental status is “just a wake-up call.”


The 52-year-old then shared that she hopes to find her happiness on a solo trip to Bali. 
She said: “I’m about to go to Bali for a month by myself. It’s my own spiritual journey. I gotta find my happiness and it’s not in my friends, it’s not in my momma, it’s not in – you know, it’s me, it’s me and this is the work I gotta do.”
Watch the interview below.

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