K.C. Fox is one who epitomizes the evolution and transition within media and activism over the past 20 years.

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K.C. Fox has demonstrated longevity and leadership throughout her illustrious career in media, crisis management and activism. She has been recognized as a Minority business owner, “One of Dallas’ Most Influential Women, “The Best of The Best in Television Media and so much more for her groundbreaking work. Fox credits her career growth and lateral climb to beginning in a smaller media market. Initially she did not realize its importance, but soon succumbed to its advantages. Her career in media began in 1996

“My goal was CNN. That’s all I wanted to do,” said Fox. “I didn’t realize how valuable it was to start in a smaller market because you get to fully experience the foundation of broadcast. 


That foundation has propelled Fox through each evolution that has taken place in the broadcast landscape. From the introduction of High Definition television to the early stages of Digital Media’s usage in broadcast, Dr. K.C. Fox has seen it all. 

In 2003 Fox left her position in media and enrolled into the United States Air Force. In high school, she was heavily involved in ROTC. Therefore, familiarity was already established. After 9 years in the military, she returned to the newsroom with a “fresh set of eyes.” Fox was now more equipped to embrace and execute tasks at hand, no matter the circumstance. K.C. Fox was the youngest and only woman to be named the Director of Broadcasting Technology & On-Air Operations for Tribune Media, but did not stop there.

After being convinced by a friend, she launched her consulting firm, specializing in Media and Crisis Communication. She began to represent NBA and NFL players in their transition from collegiate to professional athletes as well as their lives off the court.

“I realized that the skills I have are transferable and much needed in sports,” she says. 

Not only did Fox display her multitude of skill sets in the NBA and NFL arenas, but also in the political, civil and women’s rights spaces as well. She worked alongside notable civil rights attorneys such as Benjamin Crump, Justin Moore and Lee Merritt. This journey led her to represent multiple women in the sexual abuse cases that led to the conviction R&B singer, R.Kelly. 

She says that her clients became an extension of herself as she worked to protect and preserve their mental health throughout the process. 

She sensed that this case needed more external support. She continued to exhaust all of her resources to help her clients including mental health therapists and a spiritual mentor/coach for prayer. Although Fox is known for her fearless, “pitbull” reputation in her work, nothing could have prepared her for the aftermath once the case concluded.

“You continue to lean on your faith when you don’t trust anything else,” K.C. says. 

This was necessary for Fox to not only serve her clients through a traumatizing period, but overcome a depressive state of her own due to the mental tax she endured while counseling these young women. As you can see, her fearless faith still prevailed. 

While she is proud to be “the first” or “only” to accomplish something, she perceive the accomplishment as bittersweet. Therefore, success for K.C. Fox is heavily invested in the development and empowerment of the youth that will one day hold similar positions.

“There will come a time when I will not longer do the work that I do on a daily basis,” she says. “Because I am aware of that, it is my mission to teach, coach, mentor and pass down my experience and resources. Success for me is to see over a million K.C. Fox’s. 

With this mindset, K.C. Fox encourages everyone in positions of power to embrace “passing the baton.” 

“If we don’t do this, we will set ourselves back. The bags will always come, but the power lies within empowering and inspiring others.”

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