Young Thug may face life in prison if convicted of the YSL RICO charge he faces at trial this month, but that won’t stop him from calling on his entertainment industry colleagues and friends as potential witnesses at trial.

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According to WSBTV’s Michael Seiden, music exec Lyor Cohen and ATL rapper and political activist Killer Mike were just two of the 28 names listed as potential witnesses for Young Thug’s defense, which is called the “state’s witness list.”

Cohen co-founded 300 Entertainment along with Kevin Liles, who signed Thugger to the label in 2014. Liles, who took the stand during one of Thug’s bond hearings, called for legislators to stop using song lyrics in court against entertainers like Young Thug.


Eight of Thugger’s co-defendants have already taken plea deals, dodging prison time with an admission of guilt in the conspiracy to violate the RICO Act. Two of his co-defendants, Tenquarius “Nard” Mender, and Derontae Bebee, rejected their plea deals and will be at trial with Thug next week. Nard faces 50 years with a conviction, while Bebee is looking at a life sentence.