Following accusations from an OnlyFans model on the set of his “White Girl” video shoot, Glizzy Gang capo Shy Glizzy has a lot of explaining to do after former Glizzy Gang member Ant Glizzy further supports the accusations made by OnlyFans model Sky Bri on the recently shot “White Girl” video set.

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Bri claims that the D.C. rapper coerced her into taking an unknown pill while on the video set and even came to her hotel room after the shoot and pulled out his genitals, telling the featured video girl to “lick it” and “suck it.” When she declined his offer, Shy allegedly withheld her pay from the video.

Not long after Adam22 uploaded the Sky Bri interview, Ant Glizzy posted a video on YouTube virtually confirming the featured ‘White Girl” accusations.


“Shy Glizzy is a professional bottle spiker,” Ant Glizzy said as he looked into the camera. “He spikes bottles…it’s about to be the ‘Me Too’ movement, for the last 15 years Shy Glizzy been spiking girls’ [drinks]. He’s been spiking girls’ drinks since I’ve been around him. I’m telling you, that’s his remedy! But this is how he got caught, I’ma give ya’ll the scenario, he thought Sky Bri was a porn star. If she was a female adult star, he felt he could just get it. He off his pivot right now, he’s tripping…he lost his mind…”