IamDerby is one of the most fully developed artists to come out of Virginia, with a unique style that samples and mixes hip hop and soul to create his own sound grown from his deep appreciation for early 90’s R&B. He incorporates a wide range of influences from artists such as Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, and Silk into his own unique genre of hip-hop, creating hits, such as “Take Me Away”, in which gives a positive outlook on relationships and empowers men and women to find and enjoy love instead of today’s current society where the majority of hip-hop / rap music has degraded the respect towards women, influences polygamy, glorifies cheating, and more.

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His appreciation for music began during his earlier years in life as a toddler, gaining interest in playing percussions. Growing up in a Christian family, he began to learn to play the drums as early as the age of two, while sitting on the drummers lap while attending his local community Baptist Church. Many of his close family members would often say “if he could beat on it, he will”. This leads his core fans to believe this is why his productions sound the way they do when it comes to the drum beats of his songs.

He says, “Music is what makes life better. Could you imagine life without it? Waking up to no birds chirping and singing in the morning. No music to transition your favorite movie scenes. Your commute to and from work. Church without songs. Music plays a major role in life and it’s sad sometimes how much the artistry of it gets taken for granted now and days.”


He understands that music holds a special power in people’s lives and that it is able to change the ways they see the world. When crafted well, music can better the experience of life by reframing how people see their everyday life.

IamDerby’s “Take Me Away” is currently trending and its top city is Los Angeles. It is had already reached 31,000 + views on YouTube with over 10,000 streams on Spotify and 25,500 streams on Apple Music within just one month of its release and is continuously growing in numbers rapidly.

“I am determined to set the new standard for my generation and put a positive context back into it just how it was back in the 90’s. I’m a 90’s baby. I was made out of love and I want to return that back into the world.”

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