Last year rumors swirled that blogger Tasha K illegally accessed R. Kelly’s prison emails, triggering an FBI investigation. A retired US prisons officer is under a federal investigation for allegedly leaking tons of illegally-accessed information about musician R. Kelly to Tasha K.

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Tasha K, posted a number of videos in which she sips wine and shares information to her thousands of followers, quoting verbatim from Kelly’s recorded phone calls, emails and visitor logs, according to a federal search warrant obtained by the Chicago Tribune.

The officer, named in the warrant as Officer A, is accused of illegally accessing Kelly’s private information while he was an inmate at Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center and leaking it to 39 year-old Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe. She has not yet been charged with any crime.


Now R. Kelly is blaming Tasha for ruining his case by sharing private information to each of his women.

In a jailhouse phone call with blogger Storm Monroe, R. Kelly accuses Tasha of upsetting his girlfriends by leaking his emails and phone calls turning all his women against him right before his trial.

Listen to the interview below.

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