Lil Booke is an up-and-coming hip hop artist from Bowie, Maryland. Born and raised in Greenbelt, Maryland, he began making music in November 2020 after investing in a studio. His inspiration for music comes from artists such as Polo G, Dababy, and Pop Smoke, and he aims to bring a unique vibe and energy to the industry with his music.

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Lil Booke is currently an independent artist, but he has big plans for the future. He has 80 unreleased songs that he plans on releasing in 2023, with a goal of dropping two songs every month. He is also working with a producer in Miami to improve the quality of his music.

One of the challenges that Lil Booke has faced in his life is balancing his time and finances, as he works a job at Amazon while also pursuing his music career. Despite this, he has achieved a great deal of progress and growth as an artist. His greatest achievement so far has been his ability to consistently improve and evolve as a musician.


In the future, Lil Booke hopes to work with artists such as Polo G and Dababy, and to bring his music to a wider audience. He wants to be a versatile artist, able to create music in a variety of genres including hip hop, pop, rock, and R&B. Above all, he wants to be the voice of music and create tunes that are soothing to the ear.

Lil Booke has new music coming out soon, including a song on a New York sample beat that is set to be released in January with an accompanying music video. A typical day in his shoes involves working at Amazon, playing basketball, making music, going to the studio, working out, and watching movies.

Keep an eye out for Lil Booke and follow him on social mediato stay up to date on his latest releases. With his talent and determination, he is sure to make a big splash in the music industry.