The streets have found Kanye West. After setting off alarms across social media about his whereabouts, Ye is somewhere that isn’t wild at all, church.

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There was only one image of Ye from the chapel but it provides hope that the rapper is doing well.

Previous reports state Kanye West is ducking and dodging legal documents. The rapper and businessman, who now goes by Ye, is reportedly attempting to sidestep Thomas St. John and his legal team, who are looking to serve him documents.


AllHipHop notes St. John is suing Ye for breach of contract but has been unable to locate the rapper for weeks to serve him. St. John says Ye has stopped paying a monthly retainer fee after a meeting went left, or as he notes, “aggressive.”

St. John was operating as the Chief Financial Officer of DONDA and was to be paid $300,000 monthly.

“[St. John] needed a guarantee that [West] wouldn’t abruptly abandon the commercial relationship, in addition to the financial costs and hazards associated with committing to [West] as client. But Mr. St. John offered to settle for a contract lasting at least 18 months,” the lawsuit states.