The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Washington Commanders Sunday, 26-6. Anybody who watches sports knows that Stephen A. Smith lives for moments like this, seeing the Cowboys fall apart just to rub it in Michael Irvin’s and every Cowboys fan’s faces. And that’s exactly what he did on Monday’s episode of First Take. He and Irvin started the episode off with a reenactment of the scene at Pinky’s record store between Craig and Pinky in Next Friday.

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“Shut up,” Stephen A. Smith shouted at Michael Irvin, reenacting the scene from Next Friday. “Shut up! What happened to the Cowboys yesterday? What happened to them? Shut up! Say another word and this is over.” Smith continued: “What happened to the running game huh? What happened to the running game? Shut up!

The hilarious reenactment caught the attention of Ice Cube, who approved and reacted to it.


“They did that,” Cube quoted Stephen A’s tweet with the clip, followed by laughing emojis.

In other Friday news, Ice Cube said that he wouldn’t sue Warner Bros. to regain the rights to the Friday franchise and doesn’t plan on making a “Saturday” movie to get around having to use the Friday name.

“With all the stuff going on with Friday, have you ever thought about making a Saturday,” the interviewer asked before Cube told her that he can’t do a Saturday movie because Warner Bros. owns the Friday franchise’s intellectual property, meaning he couldn’t use the same characters from the Friday movies.

“Is Friday a lost cause at this point?” she asked. “Nah, never,” Cube responded. The interviewer then asked if Cube was going to sue over the rights to the film, to which he replied, “no.”