The NFL Season is over for Bill Belichick, and fans wanted to know what the iconic coach will do next season. He won’t make fans hang on long, revealing he will return to the team in 2023.

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The Pats lost to the Bills on Sunday 35-23, eliminating them from playoff contention. In response, Belichick laid out the plans for his next season.

“Nobody’s satisfied with that,” Belichick said to ESPN. “That’s not our goal. We need to improve on that. So that’s all of us — accountability everywhere, starting with me, the coaching staff, players, each unit. They are all things that we will address, and that process will start probably later today.”


Since the departure of Tom Brady, Belichick is 25-25 for a .500 record as head coach. He is now set to examine current quarterback Mac Jones as the quarterback of the future.

“I think Mac has the ability to play quarterback in this league,” Belichick said to ESPN. “We have to all work together to try to find the best way — as a football team, which obviously quarterback is an important position — to be more productive than we were this year.”