After rumors began to circulate about Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince’s alleged involvement in Takeoff’s murder and the mixed feelings surrounding the memorial he erected at the Houston bowling alley where the Migos member was killed, there have been claims that the music mogul’s son abandoned Takeoff’s body after the shooting, but Prince vehemently denies those allegations.

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On a recent appearance on the Givin Them The Business podcast, Prince explained that the video which shows his son walking by Takeoff after the shooting was only a small part of what happened that night last November.

“You know one of the biggest lies that was told — he walked by TakeOff body as if he was heartless and didn’t care,” J. Prince said. “And in reality, Junior, my cousin Michael that’s here with me, they was there with TakeOff from the beginning to the end. Even when they walked by, they took three seconds of an hour and some situation when Mike and Junior was walking by.”


Prince added on, “He actually went in the restroom to wash blood off his hands [from] when he had reached up under TakeOff head to pick him up and his fingers went in it.”

With the senseless killing of Takeoff still in the minds of his friends and family, talk of Prince’s involvement continues to gain momentum. At the same time, his son unfollowed Quavo on social media after the shooting making the situation much more sticky. J. Prince did not attend the slain rapper’s funeral, but he created a memorial consisting of hundreds of roses outside of 810 Billiards and Bowling.

The alleged murderer, Patrick Clark, was released on a $1 million bond after his arrest and will have to wear an ankle monitor and remain at his parents’ home in Houston. His trial is set to begin in March.