Last week, R. Kelly gave an interview to vlogger Storm Monroe from prison accusing gossip vlogger Tasha K of witness tampering. Kelly accused her of leaking his emails and phone calls ahead of his trial and aggravating his girlfriends by showing them private messages.  

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In a new phone interview, R. Kelly demands to know why Tasha K and the prison guard who had access to his information have not been punished or convicted of a crime. The prison guard has since retired and no charges have been filed.

In a call to vlogger Storm Monroe from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago R. Kelly questions why a Bureau of Prisons official was allowed to get away with leaking his emails and phone calls leading to scorned witnesses that lied on him on the witness stand. Kelly adds that there are search warrants from his case against Tasha that went nowhere and he demands to know why.


Kelly also claims Tasha K has links to some of the parents of his former girlfriends and they worked together to bring him down.  
Watch the interview below.