Born Ricky Martin Lloyd Walters on this date in 1965 in London, England, Slick Rick is undoubtedly the best storyteller in the history of Hip Hop.

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From stories about his hectic lifestyle just “six minutes” before stage time to his almost unbelievable sexcapades, Rick The Ruler set the bar for rappers to tell their tall tales with style and cadence.

In honor of his born day, has compiled a list of the top five storyline rhymes from his album arsenal.


“La Di Da Di”

“Stepped out the house, stopped short..Oh No! I went back in, I forgot my Kangol..”

“A Children’s Story”

“He ran down the street, there he saw the sister/ shot for his head, he shot back, buit he missed her..”

“Mona Lisa”

“Callin’ me a thief? Please! Don’t even try it! Sit down, eat your slice of pizza and be quiet..”

“The Show”

“I was all alone, no one to be with/ stepped off the D Train at 205th..I saw a pretty girl..”

“Treat Her Like A Prostitute”

“‘Cause all they do is to hurt and trample/ Listen up close here comes my last example..”

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