Following your creative passion can be challenging in any field, but the music competition can be particularly brutal. Kid Faze is one example of a dedicated rapper who has been producing music since 2013. 

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Kid Faze was born and raised in Miami but is currently based in Orlando, Florida. He wanted to establish himself as a musician from a very young age. He produced his first song and sold his first album in middle school.

As a child, Kid Faze was inspired by his uncle, who is also a rapper. He also found inspiration in renowned rappers such as Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Diddy. Their success stories motivated Kid even during his most difficult challenges. 


Social media has been instrumental in Kid’s success and his efforts to bring the music world and the metaverse together, and his goal is to help people understand how Web3 works. 

Web3 is a decentralized digital place where virtual worlds or metaverses are built and creative products like art and music are commodified. For artists like Kid Faze, the metaverse presents a unique and unprecedented opportunity to distribute their work directly to people who want it without a middleman getting in between them to take cuts. There is the prospect of making more money being on a decentralized platform, but for Kid Faze, the motivation stems from beyond getting compensated. His goal is to reach a wider audience on the metaverse and make his music an experience.

Kid Faze has been working on designing a persona called “KiddoBoy”, which is geared toward the youth of the world. “KiddoBoy” will be featured in Kid’s YouTube series. Kid Faze understands that the younger generation will grow up in a decentralized world where the metaverse replaces the internet as we know it today. With his work on KiddoBoy, Kid Faze will open the eyes of a new generation of music enthusiasts.

The series will also promote his latest hit, “I Don’t Care”, which gained a massive audience on various platforms. Kid Faze is also focused on another YouTube series based on fashion with a release date in 2023 and a festival. Will this festival be both in-person and metaverse-based? Precedent suggests it might be the latter, but all will be revealed.

Artists like Kid Faze send an important message to people through their commitment to succeed despite the odds. In this age where the metaverse is still in its infancy, artists that show the drive to learn a new platform and contribute massively on it is an inspiring move. Learning about and educating people on technology while delivering hit songs might sound like a lot on one’s plate, but Kid Faze does it all. Currently, you can listen to his tracks on Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Youtube.

Music is Kid’s unique voice, and he plans to continue using music to make a difference in the world well into the future. Hopefully, his work will inspire many other artists to explore the metaverse and bring music to a decentralized world – for the youth and for people of all ages.