According to several confirmed reports, the country of Turkey has offered up a $530K reward for information leading to the arrest of former NBA player Enes Kanter.

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 Turkey’s Interior Ministry released a “Terrorist Wanted List,” , where they claimed that Kanter was a part of a part of a terrorist organization. Kanter spoke to the NY Post about the list, saying,, “Because of my platform, whenever I say something, it goes everywhere, and the Turkish government hates that. They’re really sick of it, and they said, ‘Enough is enough,’ and doing whatever they can to shut me up.”

This all comes after it was alleged that Kanter called Turkish President Recep Erdogan a “dictator” and “H*tler of our century.” Erdogan and the Turkish government put a price of 10 million Turkish liras on Kanter’s head, which comes out to about $532,000 U.S. dollars.


Enes said, “Before the bounty, Turkish intelligence was after the people on the list, but now everyone is after them because they want the money.”