After launching her official OnlyFans account on Friday (Jan. 13), rap star Iggy Azalea has reportedly earned over 307,000 dollars on the subscription-based platform.

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“Lol, Y’all just be saying shit to say shit at this point cause that number was pulled outta thin air,” Iggy said in response.

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In the announcement, the 32-year-old star shared that her new account supports her upcoming multimedia project in collaboration with the platform, titled “Hotter Than Hell x OnlyFans.” The forthcoming project showcases the “Fancy” hitmaker in mature content only available for paid subscribers. “You better be subscribed & logged on tonight,” she wrote on Twitter on Saturday (Jan. 14). “Something hotter than hell in your inbox at 9pm.”

Azalea and OnlyFans collaboration is a limited-edition one-year run that will conclude on December 23, 2023. Subscribers will receive a variety of content, including illustration, poetry, photography, video for creative yet unapologetically spicy content, and, of course, new music. Azalea credits the new collaboration as inspired by the 90s supermodel era.

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Azalea’s latest venture will lead into the release of her forthcoming fourth album, Hotter Than Hell, which drops in late 2023. Already six months in the making, the project will highlight sexuality as well as give a nod to the idea of the centerfold model and is a hyperrealistic version of the blond beauty’s life.

“I’ve been working on ‘Hotter Than Hell’ for six months already and I’m full of excitement and nervous anticipation to begin revealing it to the world, layer by layer,” said Azalea in a press release. “Admittedly, I never knew OnlyFans was a place where I could be creative, so I didn’t expect to be collaborating with them on my biggest project to date.”

Azalea revealed that fans will be very surprised by the upcoming album. “The project is bold and fun — so is this collaboration — I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people,” she says.

Two years since she released an album, the mother of one has been and her music has been a cash cow with touring, licensing, and catalog purchase. She sold her music catalog last November to Domain Capitol Group for an undisclosed eight-figure amount.

Azalea joins the new wave of female rap stars, like Renni Rucci and Bhad Bhabie, launching OnlyFans accounts in the new year. Hip Hop joining and the lucrative income of the platforms has changed others’ prescription on joining as well.

“Once I looked beyond the surface level chatter about what it means to have an OnlyFans,” said Azalea when asked about the decision to join OnlyFans. “I realized it was the perfect platform to launch a multimedia concept on,” she said. “I feel excited about not having to worry about the overwhelming and creatively limiting censorship artists have to navigate when sharing work on other digital platforms.”