PnB Rock’s girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang, revealed that the late rapper did not have life insurance. She added that she was left with nothing after his tragic death last year.

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She made the revelation in a nearly 15-minute video posted to her Instagram. She began by thanking people for supporting her thriving business, Angel Energy, after the death of her boyfriend. She added that Rock was the breadwinner in the relationship and struggled after his death, despite having a few side hustles.

“This is basically a video of gratitude,” she began. “And I just want to thank everybody who been supporting me. It really means so much to me. And God wanted to me tell y’all that, since Rock been gone, I haven’t had no help.”


Stephanie continued: “And let’s be real: you know, he took care of me and my whole family. I always had my own little motion. You know I got my little Airbnb’s and little stuff like that, but let’s be real, it’s not at an abundance. It’s been really tough without no help, without my protector and my provider here. But I’m just letting God use me, I’m just trusting God’s plan.”

Around the 7-and-a-half-minute mark, Stephanie revealed that PnB did not have life insurance or a will, leaving her with nothing after his death.

“No he did not have life insurance, no he did not have a will,” Stephanie said. “We didn’t have anything set up. We’re so young we don’t plan our death. so I don’t get no death benefits, I don’t get nothing.”

You can watch the clip below.