DJ Paul was a no-show at Gangsta Boo’s funeral, raising questions online as to why he wasn’t in attendance. Seeing the questions and comments on social media, DJ Paul hit Instagram to provide a statement.

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“I Don’t Owe None Of You Goofs The 2 Minutes It Took Me To Make This But You Betta Keep My Name To The Upmost!! Especially Bout My Love Ones!!! U Complainers Just Wanted To Pour Ya Fake Love On Me! Naw Bih!!” Paul wrote. “And I Paid For #lordinfamous & koopstakn*cca Funerals!! And @snootiewild Funeral & Still Talk To His Family Every Month! We Family Now! Attending A Funeral & A Church Makes Some Of You Sinners Feel You Did Something Special Don’t It…. What Did U Do For Them Before Death???”

He closed with, “The Producers of Boo Funeral Tried They Best To Make Her Not Have Any Mafia Ties, Good Job! Rest Up Queen!!!”


You can hear more from DJ Paul in the video below.