Family Matters star Darius McCrary recently filed for a restraining order against an ex-girlfriend that he alleges might kill him.The actors claims his ex physically attacked him with a lead pipe and damaged his car’s glass. He claims she continues to call him a punk and he’s fearful that he may “end up like Phil Hartman” who was murdered by his wife Brynn Omdahl in May 1998. McCrary initially filed an order of protection back in August 2022 though it was not approved since the actor didn’t show up at the hearing, claiming he was, ‘displaced at the time, and had to flee from my ex’.

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Radar Online reports;

Actor Darius McCrary has filed for a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend who allegedly threatened to steal his dog, has learned.


The Family Matters star first asked the court for a protective order against his ex in August 2022, after she allegedly broke his car window and attempted to attack him with a lead pipe.

McCrary, 46, was denied that protection after he was listed as a no-show on court records. However, McCrary alleged he missed the court date because he was “displaced” at the time due to having to “flee” his ex.

More than a year and a half later, McCrary is now back in court once again.

McCrary claimed his ex was in possession of valuable items that the actor owns.

“She will not return my personal items and is attempting to extort me,” McCrary said.

“I am afraid she will cause further damage. She continues to call me a punk (and other names we are choosing not to list) and is slandering my name in several professional circles of the entertainment industry,” McCrary’s added.

McCrary added that the severity of the situation had him fearful that he would “end up like Phil Hartman,” who was a famous comedian and SNL star who was fatally shot by his wife, Brynn Omdahl, in a murder-suicide in 1998 while their marriage was on the rocks.