TENNIN kicks off the new year and closes out the month with a new soulful record, “Too Late 2 Cry.” The song serves as the lead single off of her upcoming EP, “Recovery.” “Too Late 2 Cry” borrows sounds from various genres such as Pop and Electro, but it still delivers that powerful R&B/Soul sound that is reminiscent of TENNIN’s previous single, “Trapped Again.”

“Too Late 2 Cry” is a song that challenges listeners to face the truth and find value within themselves. The track explores TENNIN’s journey from heartbreak to hope. TENNIN gets vulnerable with the ballad and takes fans on a heartfelt journey. “‘Too Late 2 Cry’ was written when I realized that I had to leave certain situations and relationships.” TENNIN continues, “It takes a lot of mental energy, from anger to pain or guilty feelings, but, one day, I woke up willing to remove toxicity from my life, be happy, build a new life, and allow new possibilities and events to happen.”

The self-love, R&B fusion anthem was written by TENNIN, so the raw emotion within the song maintains its authenticity. South African artist Dope Saint Jude produced “Too Late 2 Cry” and played a major role in the artistic direction. Moroccan producer Abdous added some additional production, and also mixed and mastered the single. The talented Hugo Minvieille put the finishing touches on “Too Late 2 Cry” with his epic guitar playing.  

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The French songstress’ sultry, harmonious vocals compounded with the genre-blending instrumental makes “Too Late 2 Cry” a record that cannot be played only once. TENNIN has a lot more in store for 2023, particularly her EP, “Recovery,” which comes out this summer. So, if you’re already a fan, it is okay to cry tears of joy for what’s to come. And, if you aren’t a fan already, it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon.


TENNIN is an up-and-coming French music sensation who burst onto the scene in 2016. She is known for her experimental nature as she has music embodying various genres, but mainly staying in the realm of Indie R&B and New Pop. Her first few singles were released under various record labels. “Heal You” was released under Tricky’s label. “Guys In Tears” was released under Kitsune Music. TENNIN’s most recent single, “Trapped Again,” was released in collaboration with New York producer Maticulous. In 2022, TENNIN was involved in several projects, including a European tour with South African artist Dope Saint Jude as her backing vocalist. To begin the new year, TENNIN once again linked up with Dope Saint Jude, but this time having Dope Saint Jude serve as her producer for TENNIN’s newest song, “Too Late 2 Cry,” which is the first single from TENNIN’s “Recovery” EP slated for a summertime release.

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