In the last few years, the intersection of AI and music has been explored more deeply than ever before. From AI-created music to AI-based songwriting tools, musicians globally are finding ways to use AI to create unique and innovative music. One artist leading this exploration is celebrated singer and songwriter Wally Sajimi, popularly known by his stage name, WallyPDF.

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wallyPDF has written and released several tracks, including “All I Need”, “Call Me”, “Myself” (with Channel Tres), and “Gm Baby”. He earned and cemented his spot as a lo-fi artist with his work attracting massive attention. wallyPDF has over 2M streams on Spotify. His song “Call Me” is almost at 1M views, despite being a few months old. wallyPDF is now back again with a new single. He recently released his latest project, “Beach Dreams”, which also explores the relationship between AI and music.

Beach Dreams fuses AI with musical production to create lush lo-fi beats and mesmerizing soundscape that transcends into a dreamy sonic realm. The song attracted massive attention on Spotify and other streaming platforms, with many people praising the unique style and sound.


wallyPDF is highly creative. He combines his creativity with pure catharsis to perfectly bring the idea to life. wallyPDF believes music is one of the best communication tools, and combining it with AI can create a greater experience for both the listener and the artist.   

“Technology, especially AI, has been helping the music industry grow. It has changed the way we create, consume, and experience music. For instance, we now have AI-based applications being developed to generate music by analyzing existing pieces and creating new ones or even creating compositions from scratch based on user preferences. AI-based applications are also being used to develop new instruments and virtual reality music experiences. All this is opening the doors to a new era of Lo-Fi, which is reshaping the industry. In my opinion, Lo-Fi is a genre that has one of the highest replay values in the music industry with mystic anonymous artists who have no egos and care about the art and creation of music,” wallyPDF says.

As he continues his exploration into the connection between music and technology, wallyPDF is calling on other artists. He believes that AI-generated music can open up new creative pathways for artists and help them reach their listeners and perfectly deliver their messages.

“Beach Dreams” is available on all streaming platforms, including YouTube and Spotify. wallyPDF says he is also working on another project, which he will release in the year. 

There is no doubt that AI has changed the music industry. It has revolutionized how music is produced and consumed, leading to more opportunities for the artist and better music experiences. But these changes are far from over. Many artists, including wallyPDF, who is one of the pioneers, continue to show us through their work that there is much more, and AI holds the key to the future of music.