Last week, legendary producer Rick Rubin’s interview with Anderson Cooper was released. The interview caught many people’s attention after the Def Jam co-founder and pioneers of hip-hop admitted to knowing nothing about music.

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“No. I have no technical ability. I know nothing about music,” Rubin told said on 60 Minutes. “Well, I know what I like and what I don’t like. And I’m decisive about what I like and what I don’t like.”

When asked what he was being paid for, Rubin said: “The confidence I have in my taste and my ability to express what I feel has proven helpful for artists.”


Many were puzzled by Rick Rubin’s admission, while some even said that Rick Rubin’s success was due to him being a white man. Chuck D, the founder of Public Enemy, defended Rubin, saying that Art is what someone feels.

Chuck D wrote in response on Twitter: “On Rick Rubin I will tell you this. Art is what you feel no one should tell you what Art should come out of you. He gets that. Many artists want things in exchange for their Art from love to money. A whole other thing. Rick feels you out in a sea of others wanting the same thing.”