According to several confirmed reports, Angila Baxter, 56, has been charged with murder in the shooting death of Nekaybaw Collier on January 12 in Orange County, Florida.

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Baxter, the mother of 90s R&B child star Sammie, was allegedly shooting at random cars, hitting Collier’s car, with one of the bullets being the fatal shot. Police say that Baxter claimed that she was being followed by several unidentified people, which prompted her to let off the deadly blasts.

The Orange Sheriff’s Office stated Collier’s death, saying, “We extend our deepest condolences to Nekaybaw’s family for the senseless killing of this young mother, wife, and daughter.” 


An eyewitness identified Baxter as “shooting at cars and screaming expletives at random people in the area” after she was picked out of a lineup. After being interviewed by detectives, Baxter noted she didn’t remember the shootings but told the police she pulled out her gun in the same area where the victim was killed. The suspect admitted to shooting the gun in the air because a woman was following her, and she admitted to shooting at several other cars.

Baxter was booked into the Orange County Jail and is held without bond.