Ill Payne’s new single “Versace Down in Jamaica” is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Blending high fashion with a tropical paradise, this track brings the luxury brand Versace and dream destination Jamaica together in a unique and captivating way. The catchy, quotable lyrics come to life in the vibrant music video filmed in Negril, Jamaica, featuring iconic spots like Rick’s Café and 7 Mile beach.

Ill Payne’s inspiration behind the song came from wanting to show the youth that with determination and drive, you can overcome any obstacle, no matter where you come from. The song tells the story of Ill Payne’s struggles, from not being able to afford authentic clothing to working on his own health. The beat and visuals perfectly match the lyrics, making you zone out and dream about your own aspirations becoming reality. With similarities to The Notorious BIG’s Juicy, Ill Payne’s signature Versace sunglasses solidifies the message of the song.

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In 2019 Ill Payne took a break from music following the tragic death of his friend and popular Trinidadian rapper Top Dog Strakes. Ill Payne is back with even more passion and dedication to making both his and Strake’s dreams a reality. Guided by his grandfather Lord Laro, a legendary Jamaican/Trinidadian Calypsonian, Ill Payne continues to uphold his family’s musical legacy, “Versace Down in Jamaica” is just the beginning, you can expect much more from the Trinidadian rapper in 2023, including an album named “Live Life Sucker Free.”

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