According to a report from Atlanta CBS affiliate WSB-TV, YSL co-defendant Lil Rod aka Rodalius Ryan’s lawyer, Angela D’Williams, alleges that Ryan was injured following an assault by a Fulton County Sheriff’s deputy.

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Speaking to WSB-TV on Monday (January 23), Ryan’s attorney alleges that Deputy Kandakai Morris punched her client in the head, dropping him to the sidewalk while in transport to his court hearing at the Fulton County Courthouse.

The Sheriff’s Office claims that Lil Rod “has been an ongoing problem” and accused him of spitting in the patrol car. Morris warned Ryan that he’d have to clean the patrol car for spitting in it, and said that Ryan told him in response, “I’m not cleaning up sh*t.” Morris claims that Ryan ignored his instructions to exit the vehicle and when he tried to physically take him out of the patrol car, Ryan stiffened up and laid in the backseat. Morris said that he grabbed Ryan’s ankle to pull him out and Ryan started kicking him. Morris then allegedly pulled Ryan out of the seat and onto the ground.


D’Williams disputed Morris’ claims and added that she plans to file a formal complaint against the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

Ryan is serving life in prison for a murder he committed in 2019 while in the YSL RICO indictment, he was charged with one count of conspiracy to violate the RICO Act. Ryan was also charged with unauthorized possession of a prohibited item by an inmate after his involvement in the alleged courtroom drug deal with Young Thug and another co-defendant. In addition, Ryan is facing charges of misdemeanor simple assault and obstruction of police over the incident with Deputy Morris.