27Delly has dropped off his new EP, Wake Up. The new release brings in his charm and talent for an entertaining and memorable music experience. Wake Up features a full range of melodies and R&B adjacent sounds across six tracks.

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Every tune on the CD introduces a fresh venue for 27Delly to perform at his best. The project kicks off with the stunning OTP-produced blockbuster “Hit The Town.” Long-time 27Delly fans will recognize the joyful bass-heavy smash. The project then transitions into Delly’s Billboard-approved track, “Gimmie That.” The Caribbean-themed album pays tribute to Delly’s West Indian inspirations. Tracks like “High Road” and the TRAVI-assisted “Lambo On Fire” contribute to the EP’s strong flow.

27Delly’s engagement in web3, web2, and crypto has been well publicized in the previous year or so. His most recent track was released as an NFT and is currently accessible via Glass XYZ. Delly’s mind can go wherever it wants. He is open to any concept that will help him grow. Delly’s fans never know what to anticipate sonically; they learn to expect quality.


You can hear the new EP below.