Words by: Brandon Simmons

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Last week, rapper Flo Rida won his lawsuit against Celsius, the energy drink company, awarding him $82 million in damages.  Many people around the industry congratulated the “Low” rapper.  One person, in particular, seemed to surface online after the news.  His ex-girlfriend, Melyssa Ford, was trending.

The two dated in 2011 for over a year before calling it quits.  In an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club in 2014, she told the hosts that her relationship with the “Whistle” rapper was “doomed” from the start.


”I got into that doomed relationship.  We have nothing in common and uh, our conversation was pretty limited.”

– Melyssa Ford

She also added that money was not the reason she was with him.

”Whatever he had in his bank account had no baring on why he was there.”

Ford is a new co-host on The Joe Budden’s Podcast and she had to endure a few jokes before explaining how she really felt about her ex being awarded that much money. Joe Budden joked that she must be sick.

”The internet started to be like, ‘Damn, I’d hate to be his ex right now,” Budden said. “Couple of them was like, ‘Damn, Melyssa Ford gotta be sick’.  And I was like, ‘Not my co-host!’ I didn’t know nothing about that, which made this story all the funnier for me because, damn, you gotta be sick to your stomach.”

Though Budden and Queenz Flip continually teased her about it, the former video vixen remained that she was happy for her former beau.

”No, I’m happy for him, I am.  I can’t stand you guys.”

Flo Rida has also been linked to Brandy as well as Eva Marcile.  According to Marcile, Ford dated Flo Rida because she saw he had money, but she denies that.  Ford’s relationship with Flo Rida began as he was ending things with Marcile.  

You can see the moment from the JBP in the episode below.