Nipsey Hussle is Hip-Hop royalty, which means protecting him at all costs. The West Coast rapper was fatally shot on March 31st, 2019, outside his The Marathon Clothing store in South Central, Los Angeles.

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Today, a joke about Nipsey Hussle in an episode of Family Guy has resurfaced online and all over social media, stirring up controversy amongst fans. Directed by Jerry Langford, the episode is titled “Young Parent Trap,” which aired in April of 2021 during the show’s 19th season. 

During the scene, Chris (who’s voiced by Seth Green) is heard telling his parents, Peter and Lois, that he plans on attending a local music festival called Quachella. When Peter (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) asks for more information, Chris states, “They’re gonna have holograms of Tupac and also Nipsey Hussle, who I’d never heard of and then was told to care immensely about.”


The video on Twitter has since gone viral, clocking in at 2.2 million views since it was posted early in the morning. Many fans came to defend Nipsey Hussle for the show’s dark humor towards his death, while some argued that this is precisely in line with the sense of humor that Family Guy is known for.

The reference stems from Tupac’s hologram appearance during Dr. Dre’s headlining set at Coachella back in 2012, as a virtual Tupac was seen performing with the legendary Snoop Dogg.
Nipsey Hussle was considered a legend in the underground scene. Some would even say he reached the mainstream light, especially with the release of his debut album, Victory Lap. Regardless, any joke regarding someone’s death should not be taken lightly; unfortunately, this wasn’t caught earlier.