In an interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood earlier this year, Fif gave his insight on the rift between Master P and his son Romeo, detailing how the issues between the Millers are totally different than the problems between him and his oldest son, Marquise.

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50 then delved into Master P’s business savvy, which led to him explaining how P out-negotiated him on his first tour, which was orchestrated by the No Limit CEO.

“What I’ll say about P is he was slick,” 50 Cent detailed. “He came, he gave me the money for the eight shows, right? We did four of them. He said, ‘Aw man, something happened we gonna have to take a break. We’ll just come back and do the other four later.’ When I came back to do the other four, I had already sold two million records. He had already paid me so I had to do the shows. He knew! He was like, ‘This muthaf****’s on fire! This is gonna go off.’”


See the entire interview below.