OnPointLikeOp drops his newest single, “Pphlims (The Truth),” which has sparked a conversation among rappers. The 2-hour interview with Pphlims inspired the single. OnPoint’s story is inspiring, starting from humble beginnings and eventually finding success in his music career. Growing up in Canarsie, Brooklyn, OnPoint had limited resources but a lot of determination to make something of himself.

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He spoke about the ups and downs of signing artists to his label and learning how to market himself and build a fanbase. His goal was not only to create music he was proud of but also to create opportunities for other artists starting out.

Overall, the interview was an incredibly inspiring look into OnPoint’s life and career. The single addresses any speculation and backlash he may have received from his level of transparency in the interview. OnPoint is one of Brooklyn’s top rappers because he speaks on issues other rappers may not address, making him a fan favorite.


The single is available on all streaming platforms, and the interview is also on Pphlims’ YouTube channel. It’s worth checking out for anyone who wants to experience OnPoint’s inspiring story first hand.