As the highly-anticipated Street Fighter 6 release fastly approaches this June, the video game announced the addition of the newest commentator in popular WWE superstar Zelina Vega.

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The 32-year-old professional wrestler supported the new announcement on Saturday, January 28, at WWE’s Royal Rumble event in San Antonio, Texas, when she entered the 30 women’s match at #21 dressed as the Street Fighter character Juri Han. “All hail the queen!,” wrote Street Fighter 6’s official Twitter account to introduce the new commentator. “Professional wrestling star Thea Trinidad (Zelina Vega) lends her electrifying personality and voice to the Real Time Commentary Feature as a Color Commentator in #StreetFighter6.”


Vega’s addition to the franchise is part of a new first-ever commentary feature in the game’s history. Street Fighter 6 is allowing players to choose their own match commentators, each made available as DLC. Zelina Vega joins other commentators, including professional Street Fighter esports players, well-known tournament commentators, and even content creators.

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Along with WWE, Capcom, the developer of Street Fighter 6, has had a big week of promotions as they also collaborated with this week’s episode of Peacock’s Saturday Night Live, which is hosted by actor/director Michael B. Jordan. The game was featured in a sketch starring the Creed III actor that shows Jordan playing a voice actor for the game’s match between the game’s starring characters Ryu and Ken. Watch the full sketch here.

Street Fighter 6 hits all gaming consoles on June 2, 2023.