Ice Spice is digging a little deeper into her relationship with Drake. After saying they were good, Ice Spice revealed that the perceived diss on “BackOutsideBoyz” was not about her at all.

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Appearing on Ebro in the Morning, Ice Spice provided a formal update to the “She a ten tryna rap, it’s good on mute, yeah” line.

“He didn’t, we spoke about it,” Ice Spice said. “He said that was not about me.


“We just linked up for when my shit dropped, he was in the city for his shows or whatever. And we ended up just linking up, and we was chatting.”

Speaking with The New York Times earlier this year, Ice Spice revealed the two are “cool.”

“We spoke after that a couple times and we’re good,” she added. There’s no beef.”

The two first connected after the “Munch” single blew up, leading to a trip to OVO Fest for Ice Spice to hang with Drake.

You can hear her talk about the issue during a visit to Hot 97 below.